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X-Mini Fingerprint Ring - 9ct gold

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A fingerprint; completely and unequivocally unique to just one person. A set of lines that can tell a story of a lifetime, or one that’s just beginning. One of a kind, just like those you cherish the most. So there’s something special about keeping these stories, these moments with your loved ones, close to you always.

This fingerprint jewellery I create is my way of making something beautiful that speaks to your style, symbolises a moment in time that matters most to you, with someone that matters most, and allows you to wear your heart on your proverbial sleeve, all without words. Moments and memories captured in time and tiny pieces of art that speak to your uniqueness.

Sentimental, one of a kind jewellery using the best materials that you can wear everyday, and cherish for a lifetime. 


• A x-mini fingerprint disc on a ring in 9ct gold - choose from solid yellow or rose gold

• Each fingerprint is approximately 7-8mm in size (variable as it is organic)

• Add up to 8 fingerprints grouped together on the band
• A wax kit is included in the cost will be sent to you with an return post label inside

• Ring sizer will be included in the kit to determine accurate finger size 

• The fingerprint can only be single sided and no letter or initial can be stamped on the back, so please tell me the order you would like the prints to be in from left to right so I can create it accordingly.

Gemstones can be added to this item - simply get in touch via the contact form for more information.

This item can be purchased for use with adults, children, infants + pets (I have taken impressions from cats, dogs + ferrets).


Once your order has been placed, you will receive a Fingerprint Kit in the mail with instructions on how to get the best print. The kit is included in the cost. There are usually 3 pieces of wax per fingerprint ordered on the band, so if you have 5 fingerprints on the one ring you will receive 15 pieces of wax. Please ensure that you use all 3 as it's good for me to have options. An addressed return post label will be included in your package so that you can send your prints back to me.

To create the fingerprint in metal, I use traditional lost wax casting. This process is very organic and the outcome varies. As a result, each piece is handmade and takes approximately 15-20 business days from when I receive the finished wax impressions back from you until you receive a dispatch notification. 

Due to the nature of lost wax casting, 1 wax print = 1 finished fingerprint.

If you need to duplicate a wax print exactly, you will need to purchase a Master Mould. Please get in touch with any questions about this process, or head to the FAQ page.


These fingerprint pieces are very organic in nature and as a result, each piece will vary in shape and size and finish. No 2 pieces are ever the same. I can only make a finished piece as good as the print you take, so it is very important that you read the instructions carefully + reach out if you have any questions about the process. I am always happy to look at photos of the waxes before you send them back to me and I like this process to be collaborative so please reach out with any questions.

I can improve and fix small imperfections, but how you take the impression is mostly how it will turn out in metal. 

If the impressions are not taken correctly or are unable to be used, you will be charged $40 for your kit to be sent back to you to try again.

A note on age - whilst children under 1 do not have fully developed fingerprints, I have a specialised method for taking impressions from infants from birth, which is detailed in the instructions. Please take a moment to look at the infant impression option to familiarize yourself with the general look of these impressions before proceeding with your order.

By purchasing this item you agree to these terms and conditions.


Your kit will be dispatched within 24-48 hours of purchase through Australia Post and you will receive a tracking number via email. 

Whilst handmade things do take time, I am always be willing to work toward a specific date if required. If you would like to discuss this prior to purchasing, please get in touch and I’d be happy to discuss this further.

A pre-paid return postage label is included in all orders (for Australian customers ONLY).

The timeframe for receiving a finished piece does depend largely on you and also the time of year. It generally takes 15-20 business days from when I receive the finished wax impressions back from you in the mail until you receive a dispatch notification that the final piece is on its way to you. Once your order has been finished, you will receive an email with a final tracking number.

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: You are welcome to purchase this item, but will be required to organise postage of the wax kits back to me at your own cost. There will not be a return post label provided in your kit. International customers will also need to be aware of their own countries customs as well as. If you are an international customer, I will be in touch via email prior to dispatching your kit to ensure you are aware of these details and with further information on how to return your kit.

X-Mini Fingerprint Ring - 9ct gold
X-Mini Fingerprint Ring - 9ct gold
X-Mini Fingerprint Ring - 9ct gold
X-Mini Fingerprint Ring - 9ct gold
X-Mini Fingerprint Ring - 9ct gold
X-Mini Fingerprint Ring - 9ct gold
X-Mini Fingerprint Ring - 9ct gold
X-Mini Fingerprint Ring - 9ct gold
X-Mini Fingerprint Ring - 9ct gold
X-Mini Fingerprint Ring - 9ct gold