Wondering how it all works? Let’s make a unique fingerprint ring or necklace so you can carry your loved ones with you always.


Once you place your order, you’ll receive a wax kit from me via Express Post, with everything you need to capture a fingerprint, including some detailed instructions.






Why are there so many pieces of wax in the kit?

Usually from that I choose one and then can make 1 piece of jewellery from it. Sometimes the other 2 are ok, and usable but usually there is 1 that is better than the others. I can only make 1 piece of jewellery from one wax impression. 

Can I get multiple pieces of jewellery made from one piece of wax?

The master mould is designed to make exact replicas of the one print. The way it works is once I have the print made in metal, then a silicone mould is made of that metal print, and then duplicates can be easily made. The master mould does add a bit of time, but it means that multiples can be made years down the track. You can find it here.

I just can’t seem to get a good print. Any tips?

Use a hairdryer, and wax up the wax until it feels very pliable. It should feel softer than a piece of blu tac before you take the print. Once it’s really soft, then try again. Use the torch on your phone to look at the print. If you can see a print, it will turn out beautifully.

Can you melt down my old jewellery to make a fingerprint piece?

For most of my pieces, this is not possible, simply because I send my waxes to be cast by a casting house. They cast multiple pieces from multiple customers at one time, and cannot ensure that your specific metal would be used in your specific piece.

Can you make a fingerprint piece in a difference carat of gold?

I can make any piece on my website in sterling silver, 9ct or 18ct yellow or rose gold. I can also make a few items in 14ct gold, but please be aware that 14ct isn’t all that common and as such I cannot source any items that have a chain, as 14ct gold chain is not something readily available in Australia.

I can also offer white gold in 9ct or 18ct, but please be aware that white gold will likely incur a small extra fee, as it needs to be rhodium plated to make it look white (white gold naturally has a grey tone). It will need to be replated throughout it’s life.

I don’t currently offer any other plating options or services.

I have some fingerprints that I’ve taken, but they weren’t taken using your kit. Could you make a piece using them?

It really depends on the material used. Please get in touch with a photo, information about the material and where you got it from, and perhaps we can make something work.

Do I need to order the infant specific kit if my child is under 1 y/o?

No - all the kits are more or less the same, the only difference being the size of the wax (depending on if you've got a mini or regular size). The main difference is the instructions | send. With children under 1 | recommend taking the print from the crease in their finger just under their fingerprint rather than their actual fingerprint. This is because children under 1 don’t have very defined prints, however I have made prints using knuckle creases, palm creases and toes as well.

At checkout I usually as the age of the peoples whose prints you are taking, so that I can provide the right instructions for this very reason.

I don’t know what I want yet, but I know I want a fingerprint piece from you. Can I get just the kit?

Yes, you can order just the kit here. You will need to know roughly what you want, as I will need to send the right amount of wax. You can then take your time and send them back whenever you’re ready. Before you finish your order please get in touch and I can provide a discount code to cover the cost of the kit and put towards your order.

Can I take 2 separate single sided prints and join them together to make a double sided print?

At the moment, not this isn’t an option. Because this required me melting 2 pieces together, there is a chance I could damage the prints in the process. Additionally, I measure out the weight of the wax (because that helps me determine the weight and cost of the metal) so essentially we're doubling the amount of wax and therefore weight if the pendant by joining them. prints are rarely the same size too, so I would actually need to add wax to make it look ok. it would be heavier and thick.

How do I work out my ring size?

I currently have ring sizers that I can mail to you. These come standard in every fingerprint kit. When ordering a fingerprint ring, just select the size you believe to be the closest, and I will go with the number that you take with the ring sizer provided. I have also created this chart here as a guide to help you work out the best size for you.

I’ve run out of time, the situation is stressful and I don’t think I have time to get a fingerprint kit from you. Is there a solution?

I’m sorry this is such a tough time. Yes, I do have a solution. Please watch this Reel on my instagram page for an idea.