Can you make one of your products using other carats of gold?

I can make any piece on my website in sterling silver, 9ct or 18ct yellow or rose gold. I can also make a few items in 14ct gold, but please be aware that 14ct isn’t all that common and as such I cannot source any items that have a chain, as 14ct gold chain is not something readily available in Australia.

I can also offer white gold in 9ct or 18ct, but please be aware that white gold will likely incur a small extra fee, as it needs to be rhodium plated to make it look white (white gold naturally has a grey tone). It will need to be replated throughout it’s life.

I don’t currently offer any other plating options or services.

My piece of jewellery has turned my skin black/green. Is it faulty?

This is actually tarnish which has transferred to your skin, something that sterling silver is very prone to (and a big reason why people often choose gold jewellery instead. Let me explain why it's happening.

Sterling silver is made from 92.5% silver, and the rest is a variety of metals that make silver hard (because in its raw form it is very soft). It is these metals that can turn silver black or tarnish the silver, and it happens due to a chemical reaction from something that your skin has come into contact with whilst wearing the jewellery. It's really hard to say what exactly has made it happen, and I can't promise it won't happen again, but what I can do is tell you how to remove it.

Every piece of jewellery I send out comes with a polishing cloth, which can help to remove light tarnishing. To remove heavy tarnish, you can get and use silver polish from the grocery store (although be very careful with this as it's poisonous and can also scratch your jewellery so go slow and gently) or you can use a method using bicarb soda and silver foil. You can find a video here. Don't be abrasive with it but rather let it sit in the water. And then use the polishing cloth to help buff it and make it shine.

Can you repair my item?

If it’s a Kirsty Lief original - most definitely. I always endeavour to make my pieces perfect, but all jewellery is delicate and can be damaged over time. Please dont ever hesitate to get in touch. Unfortunately I cannot currently take on repairs if the original piece was not made by me, as this is not my area of expertise. Please send an email to with any questions.

Where and how is the jewellery made? 

Every piece of Kirsty Lief jewellery is carefully made by hand, by me, in my little garage/studio on the SurfCoast, Victoria, Australia.

How do I work out my ring size?

I currently have ring sizers that I can mail to you. These come standard in every fingerprint kit. When ordering a fingerprint ring, just select the size you believe to be the closest, and I will go with the number that you take with the ring sizer provided. I have also created this chart here as a guide to help you work out the best size for you.

Do you offer re-plating services?

I offer rhodium replating services for Kirsty Lief products that are made in white gold. I do not offer any other kind of plating service. Please email for more information:

Do you use recycled metals? 

All sterling silver and gold is sourced from an Australian based manufacturer, and is made from 100% recycled metals. All cast pieces are made using recycled metals as well. All of our chain is currently sourced from within Australia (the sterling silver chain is Italian made and all solid gold chain is manufactured in Melbourne).

Why is the gold option so much more expensive than the silver? 

This is simply because the 9ct gold can cost me up to 17x the price of silver. 18ct, even more so.  The price of silver and gold changes constantly, and I try to price my products to accommodate that. All my work is made from solid sterling silver, or solid gold.

Can you melt down my old jewellery and make it into one of your pieces?

For most of my pieces, this is not possible, simply because I send my waxes to be cast by a casting house. They cast multiple pieces from multiple customers at one time, and cannot ensure that your specific metal would be used in your specific piece.

There are occasional pieces that I can melt and remake into something else, but please do get in touch about this.

I LOVE to work with precious stones, so If you have a gemstone that you would like used in one of my unique pieces of jewellery, please do send me a email so we can design the perfect piece for it.


  • Every piece of Kirsty Lief jewellery is made using sterling silver or 9ct gold. Sterling silver is alloyed with other metals like copper, to strengthen the metal, but this means that it can tarnish over time, especially when exposed to oxygen, salty air or water. This is not damaging to the piece though and can be removed, but the best way to prevent this is by wearing your jewellery, as the oils in your skin help to prevent tarnish. 

  • While it depends on your lifestyle and expectations from your everyday jewellery, I recommend taking off your jewellery when swimming, gardening, cleaning, moisturising and sweating. 

    Every piece of jewellery comes with a small pink polishing cloth. To clean your jewellery, use a very soft tooth brush and mild soapy water, gently scrub and then dry, and follow up with a good rub from your polishing cloth. Please get in touch if you require a deeper, more thorough clean.


Do you make custom orders? Custom chain lengths or ring sizes?

Yes. I am able to take on custom orders, especially if they are in my style of jewellery making. If I cannot take them on, I will have some fantastic suggestions for other jewellers to help with your specific project. I am also happy to customise any products you can find on my website. Please send an email to with any questions.

How does your postage options work?

If you are ordering within Australia, free shipping is available and included in the price of all fingerprint pieces.

For any other piece, you can select free shipping for regular postage, or Express Post ($12.00). Please note that this does not mean that the order will be made faster, just that it will be expressed rather than sent via regular parcel post.

Please note that if you purchase an incense holder, and select free shipping, tracked shipping is not included.

Do you ship internationally?

For fingerprint pieces, this is not currently an option on my website, simply due to the amount of back and forth postage, and the details involved in that. Please send me an email if you are located outside of Australia and would like a fingerprint piece, as there are ways around this, but I need to discuss the specifics, and there are additional postage fees involved.

For all other items, yes - currently there is only 1 option for international ordering. Australia Post with Signature on Delivery ($28.00AUD). Send me an email for further details on delivery times as they vary between destinations: 

When will my order be shipped?

I try to get orders shipped as soon as possible, but please allow up to 2 weeks production for your purchase.

For all fingerprint pieces, I try dispatch the kit within 24 - 48hours. For the best idea on time frame for the final piece to arrive to you, this will depend largely on how long it takes you to finish taking the impressions. The best way to get a time frame is to add the following together: your time to take the prints + postage to me + 10-15 business days from when I receive the prints back from you + Express Postage back to you = how long the finished piece will take.

If you urgently need a piece, please contact me to enquire if I have the specific piece in mind in stock. 

How can I track my order?

Once your order has been paid for, you will receive an email confirming that your order has been received. I'll be in touch to let you know the status of your order as it progresses, and you will receive a dispatch email once the order has been shipped with a tracking number.


  • Certain items can be returned or exchanged within 30 days, however you will be responsible for the cost of return shipping and the refund will only be provided once the item has been received back to me. Original shipping costs will not be refunded either and all products must be returned in their original condition and packaging. Customised items such as the fingerprint pieces and anything stamped or with a birthstone in it cannot be returned, as they have been made for a specific purpose and wearer. 

  • I know the importance of a positive shopping experience, so if for any reason you receive your item and you are not happy, please get in touch with me to let me know:

    As all of our jewellery is entirely handmade, there will always be slight variations between pieces, and my pieces should be handled with care as they are delicate. Please read the section on caring for your piece on this page. If you feel a piece of jewellery is faulty, or if breakage has occurred, please contact me and be sure to send a photo: